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Pinnacle Cart Hosting More Than Meets The Eye

Pinnacle cart happens to be one of the more popular hosted shopping cart around. Just like other shopping cart software providers out there, their ecommerce solution comes bundled with hosting. However, some of the other carts may not have the flexibility to handle flash content but Pinnacle Cart hosting seems to be able to ace it quite well.

If you have plenty of flash content that you would like to upload to your online site, you could check out this short video on how to get it done with Pinnacle Cart.

Also don’t forget to check out some of the Pinnacle Cart templates which are pretty awesome and easy to customize as well.

Pinnacle Cart Templates Are Easy To Configure

Pinnacle Cart is an easy to use shopping cart software. Other than great features, it also has a range of templates that merchants could use for free when they sign up for a free trial. For merchants or sellers who want to customize their Pinnacle Cart templates to change stuff like font, font size, color, etc will find the shopping cart easy to handle.

Users could also easily change the template skin quickly without losing any of their store’s information.

However, for sake of good order, in case you would like to see how it is done, just check out the short video below :

If you happen to run into any issues or just need some clarification, check out Pinnacle Cart support to get fast answers.

Pinnacle Cart Support And Quick Video Run Down

With so many online merchants to service and constant new signups daily, it is no wonder that Pinnacle Cart needs to ensure that they constantly improve their ecommerce software and ensure that their knowledge base is properly updated. New merchants who just sign up will definitely find the Pinnacle Cart Support page helpful as it contains all the relevant helpful materials there.

These range from knowledge base, user manuals to video tutorials and there’s even a user forum to check out.

They even have a developer’s community which is really helpful for developers who are creating stuff to integrate with Pinnacle Cart.

Anyway, here’s a short video rundown on this popular ecommerce platform :

However, if you want to see who else Pinnacle Cart is up against, you can check out some of the best ecommerce software platforms in comparison here