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We Lied About How Easy It Is To Rank On Google
The video above is lighthearted mash up of Matt Cutts videos. Matt is the head of Googles web spam team. If you follow Matt Cutts blog, you’ll understand that it takes more than having a search engine friendly site to rank well on Google.

Most of the best ecommerce software providers around are guilty of over selling the SEO part of their software. No matter how optimized your site is, you still need good sticky content, quality links to your site, lots of social signals and interaction, and good use of Google Authorship Markup for Google to conjure an impression about your site. All of this takes a bit of effort and time but if you want your store to rank naturally, you have to work on this as soon as you start your store.

You Do Not Need Our Most Popular Plan
Just because a plan is popular does not mean its best for you. If youre just starting out, chances are, no one knows about your site. Hence, you should not be expecting much traffic, unless of course youve got an Adwords campaign running.

Before you sign up, check your finances. Budget a plan you can afford to maintain for at least a year since thats how long it would take to break even for most merchants if theyve done their homework.

Remember, if you want to start a business, you need to think like a business person. $20 a month saved adds up to $240 a year. That said, you shouldnt necessarily opt for the cheapest plan on offer. Assess what you need. If you need more bandwidth or disk space a long the way, find out if you can increase those without upgrading to a different plan unless of course it makes more sense to upgrade.

We Have Issues That You Do Not Know About
None of the best ecommerce software providers I have come across or used have ever been problem free. Servers failed, connections failed, DDoS attacks, software glitches every provider has gone through them.

The important thing is that providers do not brush complaints aside especially if a complaint has been posted on a public space like a social site. Unfortunately, some providers have sadly resorted to deleting public postings of complaints on their social sites like Facebook. However, this being the era of cut and paste, those posting could easily end up elsewherepermanently.

Before subscribing, drop by a prospective ecommerce solutions providers Facebook page. Have a look at the comments and see how complaints or issues are handled. As mentioned earlier, no shopping cart website builder can be totally free from issues but the deal breaker is how they solve or attempt to solve those issues.